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Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities

Assistance with Voting and Discrimination Issues

The Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy (WCA) provides voting rights assistance and training for people with disabilities. Contact WCA toll-free at 1-800/928-8778. In the Madison area, call 608/267-0214.

WCA provides information on issues such as polling site and ballot accessibility, voter registration and filing discrimination complaints. This assistance is provided with funding from the Help America Vote Act.

Generally, you are eligible to vote in Wisconsin if:

bulletyou are a citizen of the United States;
bulletyou have lived in Wisconsin and the election district at least ten days prior to the election;
bulletyou are 18 years or older on the day you vote;
bulletyou are not a convicted felon with unrestored voting rights; and
bulletyour right to vote has not been taken away through a legal process.

If you are an eligible voter, you have the following rights.

bulletTo be treated with respect at a polling location.
bulletTo cast a private ballot.
bulletTo have someone help you cast your ballot (unless they are your employer or union representative).
bulletTo vote by absentee ballot.
bulletTo vote curbside if the polling location is not accessible.
bulletTo ask for accommodations if you need them.
bulletTo receive accessible voting instructions and registration materials.
bulletTo file a complaint if you feel your rights have been violated.

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